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  • Kurtis Qu

Our Tax Strategy

Shopping Lots LLC and all affiliated companies and brands are fully committed to being responsible corporate citizens. We strictly comply with applicable tax regulations, work to resolve any tax issues, and do not engage in exploitative tax planning practices.

We diligently collect and remit sales tax on all eligible purchases our clients make. We adhere to state and local tax laws, ensuring that the appropriate sales taxes are calculated and submitted in a timely manner. This revenue directly supports public services, education, and infrastructure development within our community.

We support increased tax transparency throughout all industries, as it strengthens one of humanity's most important qualities: trust. As such, we pride ourselves on our openness and transparency with the IRS and other relevant tax authorities.

Beyond our tax obligations, we actively engage in community initiatives and charitable contributions. By sponsoring local events and supporting nonprofit organizations, we aim to enhance the quality of life across the precious Earth we call home.


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