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  • Kurtis Qu

The 2023 Venturion Autunno Collection Has Sold Out

Due to unprecedented demand, our 2023 Autunno (Fall-Winter) Collection has been completely sold out. Our design team is already working hard on the 2024 Primavera (Spring-Summer) Collection.

Because all our products are assembled by hand to ensure quality, demand for the 2023 Autunno Collection far outpaced supply, but we are committed to scaling our ateliers to match demand and expect the 2024 Primavera Collection to start being delivered in early Q1 2024. We will utilize air freight for our first product batches in order to reach this goal and do not expect our collections to completely run out of stock again in the future.

The 2024 Primavera Collection will bring several new products, so stay tuned! We thank you again for your support.


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